About Us

SESCOtrans Egypt has been established in 1964 in Alexandria to perform the activities of transportation, loading and unloading.The company policies “with the witness of everyone” have participated in the progress and developments of loading and unloading operations.And participating increasing the competitive ability for the Egyptian ports with all its possess with competitive privileges in comparison with its world counterparts and to prove the Egyptian ability to compete,to encourage the commercial exchange to benefit all the parties. Looking forward for a a better Future with the development of the strategic targets of the company through the short and long run planning.

The Company has been able to impose its leadership locally and to show its shares worldwide as one of the best companies in the field,which has been confirmed with numbers and statistics.

SESCOtrans “from its start” believes that the self sacrifice and devotion in performing work, whatever its volume, is the basis of success. So it is necessary to concern of the tinniest details sand not to ignore any part of the required work. This can be explained in the company activities through the development of the shipment loading rates till they reach more than 80,000 MT / day.
SESCOtrans is concerning of different activities through establishing ports’stations for goods handling, transportation and transporting the heavy and irregular packages.SESCOtrans starting was helping for establishing the factory of Misr Company for Aluminum in Nagaa Hammadi and the Transport of all its equipments tools and the same has been done for Egyptian Iron and steel company , Egyptian Cables Company , Glass and Crystal Company , telecommunications organization , sewage and drinking water organization and others.

If the company from its start has participated in the activities of the greatest companies, it has realized from its continuing experience and its continuing attempt for development that the integrated execution for works is from the factors of success .Therefore , the company has been interested in performing all its activities as one package by contracting with its clients to perform all the stages of operations in order to insure its success through saving the effort and benefiting from all the available facilities starting from transportation till the shipping and passing with realizing and storing the exported goods or diverse these operations in case of the imported goods.