SECCOTRANS has worked to provide all its needs in each port separately and to prove integrated work systems which are independent in place . These systems are connected together as to the cooperation and coordination by a developed logistic administration to meet the needs of all branches without any violation with the flow and the easiness of procedures to execute the business given to each branch.
These facilities represent as follows:


An independent administrative building in each port equipped with all means required to manage and coordinate the work between the different departments of the branch : Public Relations , planning , following-up , logistics , operating warehouses , equipment and tools , automatic shipping , following up the security and the financial department .

Warehouses and Storing Zones

Warehouses and the storing zones in each port are equipped with the latest scientific methods to keep the quality of the circulated goods and to achieve the streaming flow in transportation and the maximum capacity in storing according to the quality standards designed under the auspices of the Engineering Department of the company in cooperation with the largest consultant offices and with relying on the company expertise in such designs which it obtained from the reality of the requirements and the specifications of the circulated goods.


The necessary equipment required in each port for the company business to achieve the deserved rates in transportation , storing , loading and unloading and according to what is appropriate the business volume of the company and the continuing increase in these requirements . From this point , the company has established an General department for the equipment and tools on the level of branches which subordinate departments come under it to follow-up the work and the efficiency of the equipment where this department is responsible for selecting the best required equipment from the best world brands and marks , providing them quickly , their maintenance and following up their performance to be in accordance with the developed and increasing work system .

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The company has also established an independent company called Sescotrans Egypt for Transportation . The purpose of this company is to integrate and complete this system with its huge fleet of the most efficient trucks .

All what we have mentioned from the facilities and the equipment of the company may be of no used unless the company work to preserve and keep it for this reason . The company has upgraded a developed center for maintenance which includes modern lathes , erasing knives , screening apparatuses and manufacturing tools


As well as the oldest experiences of engineers and technicians to maintain this system and to keep it on an area approximately 25,000 m2 at the Industrial Zone in New Damietta City . The company has also established a factory to manufacture the heavy weight truck trailers with an authorization from Ministry of Trade and Industry under the name of (A1-Gazala Mark) to follow the development of the modern transportation operation in the Company. The company manufactures the mechanical belts in cooperation with foreign experiences to serve the business of the company .


The company has the priority in owning this kind of cranes known as Herb cranes since it is the only company to own 30 harbor cranes inside the Egyptian harbours .
This kind of cranes are able to ship and unload the heavy weight packages of irregular dimensions as to length , width or height .

Human Resources

The company has a distinguished method in selecting and recreating the human promising cadres on all various levels and in appropriate with the size and the reputation of the company . It follows a method with certain parameters put by Human Resources department and according to the General policies of the company and in away which keeps it prestige and fame .
The result of this procedure is that the company has appointed around 2,800 of well trained staff who master dealing with these possibilities in high professionality and craftsmanship . This is a participation from the company to supply job opportunities for those who work hard from the people of its country .