Welcome To SESCO


Our Vision .. Shaping tomorrow

To come up with a universally accepted dictionary expression for the logistics industry; “SESCO it” is to do it with utmost excellence.

Our Mission .. Revolutionizing Today

Paving our road to global leadership through achieving unprecedented stevedoring records and raising outstanding quality standards while realizing a sustainable future.

Major Ports

Non-stop operations across the Mediterranean and Red sea ports in Egypt.

19 Million  
Annual Volume

Thanks to skilled manpower, operational discipline, and sophisticated machinery.

500+ Advanced Equipment

Using the latest technologies of the world and custom solutions to maintain sustainable growth

Truck Fleet

The fleet is GPS-monitored for tracking and maintenance purposes during cargo handling.

5 Million
Tons Of Storage Capacity

Offering massive spaces for a handling volume that exceeds 5 million tons.

Family Members

Our operations are powered by more than 2000 dedicated professionals - a massive family for massive investments.

(In addition to 4,000+ Subcontracted manpower).


Stevedoring Rates

SESCO Trans is known for achieving unrivaled loading and discharging rates.