Export operations
vessel loading

Getting your work done through SESCO Trans puts limitless export services at your fingertips.

  • Transporting goods to our warehouses using the latest tracking technology in all of our vehicles.
  • Storing goods with utmost quality in our yards and warehouses.
  • Completing all shipment-related customs procedures (Customs Clearance).
  • Co-working with the shipping agents to receive the bill of lading and shipment related documents.
  • Coordinating with the port authority to berth the vessel upon arrival.
  • Coordinating with inspection companies to carry out the vessel's hold inspection and draft survey.
  • Preparing equipment to begin loading once the vessel is accepted by the inspection company.


Import operations
discharging vessels

SESCO offers a full package of import services.

  • Preparing the discharging equipment to operate once the vessels acquire the necessary acceptance.
  • Coordinating with port authority to berth the vessel to its quay.
  • Carrying out vessel’s draft survey through specialized inspection companies.
  • Handling all the customs procedures related to the shipment (Customs Clearance).
  • Storing cargo in our yards and warehouses.
  • Transporting and tracking cargo to guarantee its arrival to clients’ facilities safely and in optimal condition.


Handling general cargo,
Irregular Packages and Containers

Advanced equipment and deep market roots deservedly privileged SESCO the trust of clients to perform these laborious operations

  • Authorized and capable of executing challenging operations as the sole company with massive and impressive ownership of harbor cranes with multiple capacities and functions inside the Egyptian ports.
  • SESCO Trans’ cranes are able to perform stevedoring operations of heavy and irregular packages; hence avoid any undesired expenditures resulting from hiring crane-fitted vessels to discharge cargo of these types.
  • The company smoothly loads/discharges and transports general cargo & containers from vessels using multi-capacity equipment.