Services we offer:

Through decades and alongside sustaining business growth, the experts at SESCO Trans prioritized developing the company’s organizational model and integrating offered services in a scientific manner that has created a harmonious balance between market needs and clients’ expectations.

SESCO is now able to offer an A to Z logistical service to its clients, a service which is proven satisfactory enough to position SESCO as a model to which all the others can only hope to imitate.

Commodities we handle:

SESCO Trans provides logistical services with highly competitive stevedoring rates along with eminent commodity-transportation rates from/to the clients’ facilities. These services don’t apply to one or two types of cargo as the company can handle a rainbow of commodities where the company owns specialized stations across Egypt’s major ports.

Our terminals:

  • Grains stations: Wheat, Corn, Beans, Soya Beans, Peas, Chickpeas, Gluten, etc.
  • Metals Stations: Steel Scrap, Reduced Iron, Steel Billets, HBI, DRI, Iron ore, etc.
  • Fertilizers Stations: Urea, Phosphate, Sulfate, DAP, GSSB, AN, etc.
  • Energy Stations: Coal and Pet coke
  • Cement and Clinker Stations
  • Mega Projects Handling Stations: Electricity Stations, Petroleum Refinery Stations, Equipment Stations, etc.